• Don't Let It Get to You

    It gets all of us sometimes. It creeps in slowly, sometimes we don't even know its taking hold. What am I referring to? Stress. We work hard. Long hours desiging and making, endless marketing strategies, constant communicatin with customers and vendors. So it's no wonder we get stressed! Last week, I was definitely feeling the weight of it all and my husband said to me "stess get's all of us sometimes." He's right, but I didnt want to accept that. I thought, "I'm going to find a way to not let it get to me!" Now of course, let's be realistic, sometimes the stress monster will win, but gosh darn it, I'm going to put up a fight. So what did I do? I made a list of things that make me happy and calm. Going for a walk, reading, creating. To fend off the stress monster this go round, I took a look around my house and found the prefect creative outlet, my patio table needed a fresh look! 

    First, a list of the essentials. An outdoor candle, a pop of color, a fun container or planter and a lantern.  Next, I headed to our local nursey.

    I was looking for something colorful and bright that could fit into a small planter or container. After finding what I thought was the perfect flower, which I later fond out is called "million bells," I headed home & was ready to curate my patio ensemble. 

    It's no surpise that my favorite outdoor candle is Bridge Nine's Lime Citronella. The scent is soft and the green ball jar is the perfect accent with the greenery of my flowers. 

    I gathered the rest of my items, a lantern given to us for our wedding, a rustic wooden tray and a vintage honey can I found at a thrift shop. Using peices that have meaning to you will make your setup that much more enjoyable. 

    The final touch was a simple bunch of ferns found in our back yard. I love using natural elements whenever I can. After the project was finished I was left with a fresh new look for my patio area. Although, that wasn't the primary goal of the project. I used this project as a creative outlet to relieve stress and I'm happy to say that the current score is Stress Monster - 0, Chelsea - 1. Next time you feel it creeping in, fight it! Find a creative outlet, go for a walk or do whatever makes you calm and happy, it will make your life a little brighter. Cheers!