Recycled Glass Tumbler

Bridge Nine Candle Co.

$ 28.00

We are swooning over our new recycled glass white tumblers. Each glass is hand made in the US by Bambeco from recycled glass bottles, no two are alike!

After you're done with your candle, carefully clean out the remaining wax and wick, rinse with warm soapy water or run through the dishwasher (yes! they are dishwasher safe). Once clean, it's ready for you to enjoy your favorite beverage. We suggest a margarita, cheers! (NEVER pour hot wax down your sink)

Each online order comes with a FREE handmade gift** and a book of Bridge Nine matches! (*We want to introduce you to the small businesses we love! Which is why we partner with various small businesses and purchase sample sizes of their products. With each purchase you will receive one of these gifts, or a 2 oz sample tin from us!)

45 + hour burn time | 12 oz 

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