#Makeitbrighter Project

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."


We can all be the voice of positive change and encouragement. It starts with you, in your own community. The #makeitbrighter project's goal is just that; to spread positive encouragement and acceptance to each and every person no matter your race, religion, sexual orientation and beliefs. It is a challenge to open your heart and mind to each other's differences and embrace what makes us unique. Together we are stronger. 

**UPDATE** 7/14/2017

We have officially chosen our first non-profit, Do Good Multnomah! Their mission is "to build Veteran Center Communities by providing housing that supports dignity, sustainability and purpose." One of the ways they do this is by providing low-barrier emergency shelter to homeless Veterans in Portland, Oregon. They began their work on November 11th, 2015, Veterans Day, in downtown Portland where they launched their first shelter. They are also developing a larger permanent housing project specifically for the Veteran community. 

Our limited edition Fourth of July Citronella candle sold out! This means $180 ($10 from each purchase) is already going to this amazing cause. You can still support Do Good Multnomah through the remainder of the 3rd quarter by purchasing our make it brighter scent, Citrus. Each online purchase of a Citrus tumbler will donation an additional $5 to this wonderful cause! To get started simply click the photo below. Click here to learn more about Do Good Multnomah.

We're excited to support such an amazing organization!

The first step we made with the #makeitbrighter project was to include each online order with a unique quote card to help inspire you to be positive & embrace those around you. These quotes are taken from inspirational leaders like Maya Angelo & Buddha, or they could be quotes from everyday people like you and me. Take this card, give it to someone you know. Post it on your wall. Let it leave a spark in your heart and mind. Positive change starts with you. 

Want to take part? Use the hashtag #makeitbrighter and re-post your inspirational quote. Or post something that inspires you to spread positive thinking and acceptance. Social media is the fasted way to spread a message. Use your voice!

If you own and business and want to take part in the #makeitbrighter project, we'd love to have you on this journey. Flicker Box has already joined the fight to spread positive thinking and acceptance. Please reach out to us at contact@bridgeninecandleco.com with any questions.